The most important element when celebrating a birthday is a birthday cake. Not careless cake made a birthday cake. Basically it is the same cake tart but, the decoration is what distinguishes the ordinary tart cake with birthday cake. Birthday cake decoration is made as interesting as possible. For those of you who like cakes with good taste and attractive appearance, you can visit Costco Cakes, we provide various kinds of cakes that you can order. Before ordering, you can also visit our website to find out Costco Cakes Prices. However, for those of you who want to make your own cake, here are some tips on decorating the cake you can do.

1. Choose a tart
Before starting to decorate the cake, you must choose the right tart. Choosing a sponge cake is highly recommended because the cake is softer and so mild. So, if coated with a cake decoration that tends to be sweet, who eat was not fast. When wanting to decorate the cake, do not forget the cake is cooled, by way of inclusion into the refrigerator for about two hours or in place in the room until the steam heat is lost. If the cake is still hot, it might melt the cake decoration. You can also buy cakes through Costco Cakes.

2. Choose the type of decoration to beautify the cake

Now many variants are used to decorate the cake. There is buttercream, fondant, and icing. Choose how to decorate the cake to your liking. This is a decorative step with buttercream, fondant and fresh cream that would inspire you.

– Decorate the cake with buttercream
Buttercream is a cream made from a mixture of sugar, milk and white butter. The texture of buttercream is thick, light and not easily melted if stored at room temperature.

– Make a home-cooked fresh cream for cake decoration
Many are confused between buttercream and fresh cream. The similarity is they are equally made with milk, the difference is fresh cream made from fresh milk cream just do not use butter.

– More creative with fondant
Fondant is a sugar paste that has a sweet and elastic taste. It’s basically a white fondant that has to be kneaded and colored to make it more interesting. An identical fondant is used to decorate a child’s birthday cake because of its waxy texture so it can create shapes such as cars, hearts, animals and homes. To make a decoration of the fondant, you can shape it with a mold that has shaped the shape you want, then cut with cookie cutter.