Car number plates are a means of identifying vehicles to be easily recognizable and traceable so that every motor vehicle must have an identity number embedded in the form of a plate on the front and rear of the vehicle. Of the car number plate is also attached 2 papers that must be brought the vehicle registration and vehicle tax slips. On vehicle registration, there are clearer vehicle data such as owner’s name, owner’s address, engine number, order number, color, year and other information about the vehicle.

But, how do you track that the license plate of the car really matches the data on the vehicle registration and true its validity? Surely there is a way to keep track of it even if it takes a little time to figure it out because it is quite dangerous if we want to buy or use a car that uses a false identity. Moreover, you can also check the validity online on websites for the license plate lookup.

Police office allows anyone with an interest to check the identity of the vehicle through the license plate of the car at the office. By checking the identity of the car, we can find out who the owner and the address of the owner of the vehicle. But this should be used wisely, not for the benefit of evil or other negative things.

The purpose of police provides this information to verify the authenticity and accuracy of vehicle data in accordance with the license plate of the car, so if people want to buy a used car in car dealers or rent a car in a car rental do not have to worry about the authenticity of the identity of the vehicle because at this time a lot of cars with false identities obtained in an incorrect manner.

Similarly, if you want to check the value of taxable vehicle objects you can know through the police office by coming directly to the office or see it online at the site of the police. How to view online is also very easy, simply enter the car number plate into the column provided by the website and will see how much the sale value of the car and its taxes.