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Increased blood circulation will help produce oil glands. These results will streamline the production of sweat. As you know, the active sweat that removes function to remove substances that are no longer needed by the body. The active sweat that comes out also dissolves the outermost layer of the epidermis. If the epidermis layer dissolves, then it will make the skin condition better. In addition, the function of the skin as absorption will be more increased. So the skin will become more smooth.

After knowing the benefits of massage is very good for the body and health, of course, must be practised so that you also get the benefits. If in your environment difficult to meet the services of massage, no need to worry because you can do it yourself at home. Here are tips.

You must clean the body first. A bath with warm water temperature would be better. Dry the body using a soft towel. After that apply a special massage oil or body lotion on the part that you feel stiff. It’s good to do from the top, from the shoulder to the arm. Gently massage using fist or hand squeeze on the shoulder up to the arm. Use your thumbs to massage your arms and palms. To the back of the ear to the jaw use the fingertips only.

If you feel sore on the back, use a rubber ball to help the massage process. The size can be adjusted with the need. Put the ball on the back and clasps between the back and the wall. Perform circular movements and top down to the point that you think is stiff and sore. Do it repeated until it is enough.

For the legs, you can use the feelings by hand. Start from thigh to foot. Can also if you use the technique of drum beat for more massage felt. You can also use the elbow to press the thigh that feels big enough. Massage on the sole of the foot can use the thumb of the hand. Move the thumb in a circle from the middle to the outside of the foot.