Challenges in the era of globalization and competitive markets require the endurance and competitiveness of a group, community, organization and country in the form of human resource development as an intellectual asset to be one important factor in supporting productivity and competitive advantage of the company. Strategic HR development is a demand for every organization to align training programs with organizational strategy. In addition, HR development demands synergic synergies between the aspects of learning (learning) and aspects of performance (performance). Therefore, the development of human resources through training programs in the workplace requires a facility and facilities that are Aziksa as a service provider that will test you, whether you deserve to be a competent HRD or not. You will follow a series of tests and tutorials that you can get through the online system, so you do not have to think you do not have time to spend your time getting this certification because the ability to be an HRD is not kidding. First, you should read the PHR exam questions.

Certification is a procedure whereby a third party provides a written guarantee that a product, service process has met certain standards, based on audits carried out by agreed procedures. Certification deals with product labeling for the market communication process. Certification is a professional standardization for those who are competent in their respective field of work managed and nurtured by Non-Governmental Professional Organizations. This certification meets the established professional quality requirements. Each community or professional organization conducts certification activities under various development patterns, some are certified because of government requirements or ‘standards’ such as teacher/teacher certification, customer standard, and product licensee’s standards. Besides, the certification is done for the need of competence development to the staff or organization concerned such as the coaching of community facilitator or facilitator.

Professional certification is performed for special competence or expertise. For example, the medical profession often requires specialists or specialists in providing services to patients. Professional certification is conducted in order to apply professional standards, improve the level of practice, and may protect the community (although this is also the domain of the license), a professional organization may establish certification. It is intended to be a reference for all places where a certified professional may work. Of course, this requires a pattern of judgment and legal accountability of all existing professions.