Although doing it regularly, shaving remains a bit of a mystery to many men. A basic shave review, including terminology and techniques, will quickly get you on the right path in morning care. Razors or razors, discarded when they become dull and referred to as “disposable.” Usually, disposable razors will last between three and eight times. Keeping the shelf life steady means ensuring it is completely dried between one shaving to the next shaving time to avoid rusting. To sharpen the razor, use a magnetic puller to lift the blade (optional). Place the bottom of the blade in the magnetic drawer slot, so that the sharp blade passes through the magnetic edge. This allows you to sharpen Straight Edge Razor without injuring your hand or dropping the knife.

Your knife will look more pointed, but to make the knife sharper and better, you must know how to sharpen the knife by using the sharpener with 8000 pebbles. As before, rub each side of the blade on a grindstone five to ten times in the same direction. Then, clean the knife with a towel. Put your shaver back on. Make sure the razor’s direction is the same as when before you unpack it with the same space spacing. Replace the screws firmly. Apply a special oil for the shaver. This stage is recommended after two or three times of use, but especially when the razor has just been sharpened. Add a few drops of oil to the surface of the blade to avoid heat damage and reduce the friction that makes the blunt dull again.