There are two main types of SEO namely: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Usefulness of both types is for the web/blog has the highest ranking in search engines. For those of you who have a business online or you want to increase visitors on your blog or website, you can use SEO services, visit and we will help you.

– SEO On Page

SEO On Page optimization techniques that refers to the inside of the website / blog itself, including SEO script, title tag, website URL, web description, keyword, heading tags (H1, H2, …), image file name, image alt tag, sentence First article, and post way includes bold, bold, italic (underline).

– SEO Off Page

SEO off page refers to the optimisation techniques outside of the web/blog. Includes backlinks, link building, submit URL, blog walking, ping URL, advertising, social media, and so on. SEO off page has a significant effect on SEO on page. Both have a huge role in the search engines.