A few years ago we could easily classify the types of websites. We only know Search Engines, Information Portals (News, Articles, Companies etc.), Blogs, Online Store (e-Commerce), Forums, and Company Website. But along with the development of technology and the use of online media for various needs, the type of website is also growing and not a few websites that integrate various features, functions, and types in a single website. To make it easier for you to determine what website you need, we will try to group the types of websites that exist based on the main function/purpose only, while other functions can be regarded as a function or additional features of SEO services. From the types of websites that exist, you can choose several types of websites to be integrated in accordance with the needs. Search Engine or search engine is a special type of website collects a list of websites found on the internet in the database and then displays a list of these indexes based on keywords or “keywords” searched by the user. The majority of Internet users are familiar with search engine sites to find the information they need via the internet. Some examples of search engines include Google Search, Bing, Yahoo Search, and others.

Web Portal is a site that collects and provides a variety of information from various sources to display to the user, if the user is interested to know the information with more complete, the user will be directed to the original source. But in general web portals not only display information from outside sources, sometimes they also display the information on their own website. Some examples of web portals include Yahoo, MSN, man bc and others. The most popular wiki website is Wikipedia. Website wiki is a website that allows visitors to participate in writing and editing articles on the website with reference to certain rules. Each wiki website has different rules. Usually, although all visitors are free to write and edit articles on this website, there is a group of people on duty to check the content that is loaded or not for the website. Though website wikis are often a source of reference but not all of the existing information can be trusted 100%.

Archive site or archive site is a website created to collect and store electronic materials in the form of content and pages of the website so as not to disappear / extinct. For example archieve.org. Social media is one of the most extraordinary phenomena to date, especially represented by Facebook. Social networking sites or online friendship sites are sites provided for members to exchange information and other electronic media such as photos, music, and videos. Some of the famous social networking sites before Facebook and Twitter phenomenon include Multiply, Friendster, and MySpace. Then come also Social Media with more specific themes such as social media to share the location (FourSquare), social media entertainment (GetGlue) and much more.