Some governments in the world, already trying to provide social welfare programs or better known as social safety net program to overcome problems such as unemployment, poverty and so on. If the majority of the population already has insurance, then fewer social welfare problems will be reduced, allowing the government to use funds for better allocation of welfare improvements. Insurance can reduce anxiety for every individual because it provides protection against financial problems that could happen in the future. This is what can make the level of economic stability of the community awake, which also affects the stability of a country from the existence of social turmoil. For some people in addition to needs such as protecting assets or health, some people want insurance on laws that can protect them. You can get legal insurance if you consult with experts from the Ameriestate legal plan.

Insurance companies are able to become a provider of funds for new businesses. Insurance companies are also able to channel funds to the government in financing the construction such as housing, roads, bridges and other infrastructure of a long-term nature. In addition, apart from the availability of financial guarantees, companies will also offer loans. This is where the role of insurance as a source of financial for development. In the insurance contained a business that is a combination of many skills, such as insurance agents, brokers, underwriters, auditors, accountants, and investment analysis. So the insurance business is certainly going to open jobs for the community. Insurance is also one way to save. By purchasing insurance, indirectly the insurer will encourage the policyholder to be disciplined in preparing the long-term funding needs. In this case, the insurer as the insurer will help to channel their savings in the form of domestic investment.